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Was listening to Round Britain Quiz yesterday and up popped the music question round. The first piece had a Wagnerish sound about it, yet another composer who reused good melodies. The second was definitely Twilight Time but by who and the third was a piano solo. The dissonances, the angularity and different timings suggested Monk and it was. Never heard of Crepuscule with Nelly or even the first word but apparently was all to do with twilight and Nelly was his wife..

You Tube provided the piece and a 1966 concert that proved what a great saxophonist Charlie Rouse was. I knew his namesake, a UK motorcycle journalist and sprinter but tenorist Rouse was a revelation especially on the blues. Having seen the London gig of the Basie tour following "The Atomic" album, with his drummer's twin bass drum outfit, how does quartet member Ben Riley provide such support and varied drum solos with such a simple kit?

Further 'netting showed that Thelonius was the most recorded jazz composer, not surprising when you think of Straight, No Chaser, Blue Monk and 'Round Midnight, outranking the Duke's much more numerous efforts.

Some nut, no, it wasn't me, was explaining that Thelonius was 95 on the 10th October 2012. Would someone explain to him what turning up his toes means? Interested to find that others had written words to Blue Monk but none as good as Danny Thompson's with its terrible "miserere" pun but he wasn't guilty of "The Loneliest Monk in Town" as that happened when he was on an American magazine front, just one in four jazz artists, that earned that honour .

Just to reinforce the Beeb's radio output, tomorrow night (Wednesday 17th), Radio 3 features between 7:30 and 10:00 pm, the music of Miles Davis and his effect on music and musicians.
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Listening on the iplayer as I type. There's a concert of miles music from Blackpool tower ballroom on there. Maybe if I can't sleep.
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