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So I was googling (duckduckgo-ing??) around for a sax case that would fit this c-melody Conn elkhart sax I inherited not too long ago. After getting it re-padded, repaired, and polished up, I thought "wow this old case has seen better days". This forum kept popping up in my searches for other things c-melody sax related, which is why I finally decided I needed to check this site out - I then, soon after, registered :D
I wound up coming across a post made by Steve Stockham back in 2011 ( Accessories - New Case for C-Melody Sax!! )

So, here I am looking on ebay for a C-Melody saxophone. I am steering towards a Martin or a King due to the "tenor" quality of their sound as opposed to say... a Conn which has more of an alto quality. Granted, the choice of mouthpiece is a major factor in the type of sound produced and I planned on using a Graphtonite B3 with mine.
Anyway, I found a 1925 King that was in perfect playing condition (it actually was!) and snagged it. I have been using it in our church's orchestra (it's essentially a wind and string ensemble that augments the "regular" band of guitars, bass, trap set, keyboard, etc..) and have been having a blast for the last six months. Therein lay the problem! The case that the King came in was a 1925 case. You know the type, purple felt, no padding, musty "old" smell... something had to be done!
Enter Aquilasax! I did some research and found that they sell new C-Melody tenors and sopranos. They also sell the cases separately! It turns out that the wood case was designed to house a Conn C-Melody (i.e. split bell keys) but that a King should fit, if somewhat snug. I took a chance and ordered one. It showed up yesterday after only a two week wait (excellent!) and my sax fits perfectly! It's exactly what I needed! If you have a C melody and want to get away from an 80+ year old case, I heartily recommend Aquilasax!

I've done searches for Aquilasax and have yet to dredge up any useful links. Was this a seller/manufacturer that has since gone out of business or is Aquilasax more so just a brand that I can find at stores? Years ago when I continued playing sax in college I got a newer case for my alto that offers way more protection than a gig bag case but carried over the shoulder like one. It's been an excellent case for my alto ever since. Ideally if a design like that exists for c-melodys that would be awesome, but frankly even I got leads on something more like the traditional luggage case I could potentially be interested. Would anyone here know of any place/website I could look into for such a thing?
offers way more protection than a gig bag case but carried over the shoulder like one.
Is this the shape you are speaking about? With the attached shoulder strap?
This company seems to be proactive in making quality cases. Why not select the shape you prefer and then email them with the dimensions of your specific sax and ask what their options are?
I'm sure you wouldn't be the first?
Aquilasax was a firm rather than just a brand, and it did indeed go out of business a few years ago.
I think that Aquilasax has ceased trading, but there are still companies that sell modern C-melody saxes.

It might be worth getting in touch with them to see if they will sell you a case.

I guess an alternative would be to get a tenor case and add extra padding.
The Thomann £50 one looks pretty handy

Reed and squeak do one for five times the price (though postage may be cheaper)

Similar price for a more traditional one from Dawkes

@EdJ , Nice find on the Thomann. Question is will it fit vintage split bell key horns or only Thomann's own modern horns.

The other two are either terrible or insanely expensive.
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If anyone with a vintage C Mel gets the Thomann case - let us all know either way what it is like.

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