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Cluster Funk

Wade Cornell

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New Zealand and Australia
I like it! Kind of long and wanders around a bit at times, but heaps of good ideas and very settled and deliberate compared to many of your recordings. Great groove that you lock into well at times. Really like what happens at 3:00 and around 3:45. Still has the Eddie Harris electric vibe happening. The backing track sounds a bit overdriven.

Good work.


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Very cool vibe going on Sean, a little long though? Nice free flowing ideas. Don't know what happens @2:53ish sax and backing go all overdriven. Overall well done..



Victoria, BC
Thanks everyone.

I re uploaded the video with the volume mastered down a little towards the end where it was breaking up. It helped a bit but the maxing out sound is still there a little. It was the best I could do.

The Link in the first post takes you to the updated video.

It is a tad long for what it is I guess. I didn't know how to cut it down anymore so I left it as is.

Thanks for listening.

Colin the Bear

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Burnley bb9 9dn
It's getting like juke box jury on here. That dates me don't it? I liked it. It took a little while to get going which is maybe why folks are getting the feeling of it being a little long, but when it got going it was hot. I didn't find it too long. It's hard not to run out of ideas on a 5 minute track but you kept it going. The sax does dominate in places and it's hard to hear the band. Rather than looking for a way of cutting it down you could try a rhythmical riff or theme at the beginning to develop and come back to. Just an idea. It made me want to join in on Baritone, which must say something good.

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