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Closet clearance Tenor and Baritone High end mpcs


Bologna, Italy
Closet is full, need to sell at least some of my jewels :
All mpc shipped from Italy price not including paypal fees or shipping
will donate 5%


T1) Theo Wanne Ambika 8 previously perfected. I showed a pic to Theo Wanne . It's one of the first mpc, playng a little darker than new ones. all accessories included 350 EUR

T2) Jody Jazz DV 8* Rail and plate mint, plating 50%, but a great player comes with a rovner like lig 240 EUR

T3) Ted Klum Norberto opening lig included but no cap .95 200 EUR

T4) Bari Nickel 8 lig and cap included 100 EUR

T5) Ottolink STM NY 7* refaced by Mojo no lig and cap 250 EUR

T6) Jody Jazz DV ny 8* Mint condition, no lig included 300 EUR

T7) LAR soloist ebony wood. Originally .127, just refaced and closed to .110 from a great local refacer. Great sound but I only play metal nowadays. no lig included 250 EUR



B1) Berg Larsen 110/2/SMS new, table and rails perfected by local refacer 150 EUR

B2) Jody Jazz DV NY 8 mint condition, ligature included 350 EUR

B3 Warburton LA 8* marked MacSax silver plated 250 EUR

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