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Ive always used a mike on a stand. But I would like to try one of the ones which clip to the bell.

Not worried about a radio mike, so am happy to use a conventional lead.
I like the look of those ones which kind or curl back and sit about 4 to 6 inches above the bell, rather than one which looks as if it is almost in the bell.

Sound quality is top priority, but within a budget of say £250 ish..

Any advice about what to check out.
I've used a Superlux which has a battery=powered module PS-418D and a clip -on for the bell. Hooks up to a standard mike lead. No problems to date in the last 5 years. Allows me to move around when playing. Probably retails at ~ £90 these days.
You're right no not want it in the bell and more focused for picking up from G and above. Too close or focused on the bell makes it so that the low notes "boom" and give a nasty volume spike. Clipping on to the bell is just about convenience and having it out of the way of your hands, but should never be about aiming to pick up just what's coming out of the bell.
The Superlux mentioned above has a bendy clip-on assembly so gives about 2 to 3 inches standoff from the exit plane of the bell on a tenor.. No foam is included but you could try it with a foam strip positioned between the clip and the ball. Having said that I haven't noticed key noises when I'm playing quieter numbers..
I use an AKG C519 in its wireless form and am very impressed with it - I know a couple of other players who use them as well. There is a wired-in version available, I presume its got the same internals and performance.

Muttley's laughing, because he's confused!

I've been looking at clip on mics. The issue I have at the moment is that at this stage of my playing career, if the mic is permanently attached to the bell, it's not possible to 'accidentally' pull away from the mic as and when I lose myself in a fit of jumbled fingers and 'odd notes' :D So it's an SM58 on a stand for the time being.

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