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Clearout - any interest before eBay


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OK, I'm drowning in musical instruments. I'm having a clear out. Sales of saxes via the forum are a bit slow, so I'm not going to do a full thread for each of these. Just let me know if there is any interest at all in the following, and I'll send pics and a full description. All are priced to sell, all play right through the range. All come with case and a mouthpiece of some sort.

Elkhart alto. Good nick, has a ding in the neck, plays great with a surprisingly raunchy tone. £160
Vito/Yamaha YAS21. Been loved a lot, scratched, plays well. Nice action. £200
Lindo alto. Basic cheap sax, good nick. Plays fine. £120
Chinese straight sop. Plays fine. £100 with crap mouthpiece. £110 with Yam 4c

All above prices are ex post. Reckon on £16 for the altos to UK addresses, maybe £14 for the sop. Collection is an option for any from Central London. 5% donation to charity fund if sold here.
Elkhart sold, many thanks to the buyer and to Pete for the sales facility. Donation made to the charity fund.

Any interest in any of the others? These are some seriously cheap saxes.
Lindo now on eBay with a buy-it-now, and a fifteen quid start price if you fancy a punt.
Could you send me a few photos of the Vito? I don't have an alto yet, and that seems like a good horn to start out with. Have to talk this out with the missus though - see if there's any way she could forgo thrashing me for putting another 300 euros in music gear. :)
Hi, send me your email address by personal message and I'll get you some pics later today.

Vito now on hold, Elkhart long gone and Lindo has bids on eBay so will sell. Anyone fancy a cheap soprano?
Jon delivered Elkhart to my mates 2 weeks ago, and i collected it Saturday. One of the things about buying and selling here if possible is it is good to buy off enthusiastic sources. Jon was super helpful advice (I told him what i was after and he sold me the right sax for the job) and in delivery (though in the end he did not have to do much!). I would never have bought off Ebay as just can't be faffed with the risk. Expensive = would not trust and cheap=is it rubbish. Worse combination of course would be expensive AND rubbish! Thanks to Jon for selling and to Pete T for the facility and good luck to the charities.

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