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Mouthpieces Cleaning metal mouthpieces


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Hertfordshire, England
Hi everyone,

Recently bought a metal mouthpiece, does anyone know the best way to clean it?

Thanks in advance,
Warm water, drop of Fairy, soft cloth, mouthpiece brush (like small bottle brush). Remove stubborn stuff on outside with toothbrush.
When i buy a secondhand metal piece (which is'nt very often) i put it in some hot water over night with some bleach then give it a good wash of with warm water the next day, but please dont use this method on rubber pieces or it will destroy them!
For "in use" cleaning put the piece in some hot water with a drop of mouthwash.
If it's gunged up inside, stuff it with kitchen towel, then caefully pour vinegar on the towel and leave to soak.
I wash mine in warm water after evey session when I have bought second hand I have used a brush as mentioned before even a tooth brush will fit in most metal pieces I also soak metal or rubber pieces in Milton (for babies bottles etc: to sterilise) prior to use.

Thanks everyone! Very helpful in looking after my new mouthpiece

Best regards,
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