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Classy Glass.

old git

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It isytour lucky day, Andrew Sanders.

Saw the repeat of the stained glass programme on Yesterday, yesterday and am willing to become your apprentice for £52,000 per annum plus free full board and use of banjos and saxophones at Sanders Towers. As YC, myself and that nice Mr Thomas know the studio, the on shot wall of Norwood Cemetery and Park Hall Road, here is an excellent opportunity to increase your output and with the CaSLM doing the marketing, using our innovative Buy or we'll break something technique, you're on an all round winner.

Happy to help with a PPI from CaSLM.

Andrew Sanders

Northern Commissioner for Caslm

Your application has been noted and has been filed in the receptical marked bin, as, I'm afraid, the studio is not Zimmer friendly due to the inspection pit from the previous occupier (Harrogate Council Refuse Collection)

However, as we have been commissioned to work for an exceedingly esteemed person, we may have need in the future of a valet or even a butler. Please also ask Mr YC if he still has that 4x2 with the nails embedded for crowd control purposes.

Don't you have any work to go to? Cos I have!


Sanders of (the Wharf) River.


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And here was I expecting something like this:

Although Mr Sanders does indeed produce very classy glass .... :)

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Young Col

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Missed the prog last night as Mrs YC and I were at the paralympics. However, I prefer the electric cattle prod to the nailed 4X2 as it gives the opportunity for a more countrified "oooh aaar, git along there boy" as opposed to the urban "clear orf son or you'll get this round yer 'ead".
Now, glass saxes. They look just like brass ones. Must be a debate there about the accoustics.
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