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Classical Guitar! Sorry no sax.


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As well as learning the sax, I've also re-started learning the guitar, and this time I'm concentrating on the Classical Guitar. Just like with the sax I occasionally record my attempts because I think it helps me see/hear where I'm going wrong, but it's also good fun too.

So, although it's not the sax I thought I'd put up my latest recording of a classical guitar piece composed by Ferdinando Carulli: Classical Waltz

Best wishes,

Nice Chris. There's obviously a lot of earlier experience coming through there. I enjoyed it! If I may dare, you'd benefit from working on the expression/emotion.

Hi Kev,

Thanks for listening and giving me feedback, I think you are spot on with your advice. I can play with greater control over the individual notes when using a pick, but finger style, well that's a whole other ball game! I need to command the individual finger to emphasize the melody note, making it louder or quieter, harder or softer. But at the moment the command might as well be going out the the universe as all fingers play the same, it's like hitting the send to all by mistake when wanting sending a private email message to an individual.

Thanks again,

Chris, that's really beautifully played! Your guitar has got a lovely tone, very rich and warm.
Does the tone change if you use a different strap? >:);}:)))
Chris, that's really beautifully played! Your guitar has got a lovely tone, very rich and warm.
Does the tone change if you use a different strap? >:);}:)))

HaHa Taz,

You know full well a classical guitar is not supported by a strap, that's for the folk guitarists! The tone does however change with different nail length & shape, nail varnishes and synthetic nails also have an effect, but that's nothing. The seat you sit on has a profound affect, the harder the seat the greater sustain, but the tone is thinner, the foot stool likewise has an effect but it's much less so.

I'm currently experimenting to see if the fabric of my cloths is having an effect, the guitar being held so close and intimately to the body, I can't see how it cannot have an affect. So far my shell suit (1980's bespoke in day glow yellow and green) causes a static build up as it rubs against the lacquered finish of the guitar, it's quite an experience hitting the low E string! Denim isn't the answer either, it's too muffled, so it's a case of experimenting to see what works.

Anyway having probably used Affect and Effect wrongly, I will bid you good night, and thanks for listening,

It all depends on the angle he cuts his finger nails Taz:)))

Chris very well played, as Taz said very nice tone and time:welldone



Hi Chris,

You beat me to it, but you are right, having found just the right shape and length I've now moved on to nail varnishes to give me the edge. The nail varnish effectively thickens the nail producing a rounder more weighty tone, red seems to be the best colour, but I'm not sure if that's psychological as it's a warm colour. The ones containing glitter, if it's made with metal particles, adds interesting harmonic content to the tone as well as keeping it rounded. Because I can't maintain the same tone with each finger I've started to use various colours and differing number of coats to even out the tonal response.

Thanks for having a listen Chris,

All the best,

Hey Chris coming fom a guitar playing background I can understand your problem>:). Marine varnish;} is the way to go, if you can paint a boat to sail the Atlantic then classical guitar is no problem. On a serious note, having long multi coloured nails and only on one hand could cause one or two scoial problems:w00t:??
This time joking aside clear nail varnish:thumb: can help. It all depends on what type of finger nail you have,soft/brittle.

Sounds very nice Chris. Beautiful piece. Could benefit from a bit of dynamic attack (go down to the bridge or up to the neck end for harder/softer sounds. Also slow a few of the beautiful phrases down a touch. I do love the classical guitar (soppy sigh!).

Similar threads... or are they? Maybe not but they could be worth reading anyway 😀

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