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I was playing with my sax quartet yesterday and doing some rough recording, and when listening back I realised how inappropriate my tone was for that ensemble.

I use an RPC mouthpiece which I love in most settings where you really want the Bari to cut through, however I'm struggling to get it to blend in this ensemble. It's a 120 tip opening with quite a high baffle, and the edge that I'm usually grateful for in most settings just doesn't work in this one. This quartet has quite a few bookings in the diary so I'm happy to invest in a mouthpiece to suit it.

I will obviously try any mouthpiece before buying but a few suggestions that others have had success with would be nice so that I've got a starting point.

It's for a Mk6 low a.
That was always going to be the first one I tried Colin, it's good to know that others have had success with it though.
The Absolute slimline is really good that way - and less of a mouthful than some bari pieces.
When I had the absolutes on pass around I dismissed the Bari piece as lacking guts compared to my RPC. Little did I know that I'd find myself needing a more mellow piece two months later.
I use a Meyer 9M for classical on bari (not that I do much at the mo). I had an S80 D which I think I've lent to someone. I'm not in much hurry to get it back on account of its serious wimpiness. The Meyer has at least got some guts.
Yeah, I don't want to go so far the other way that I don't enjoy my playing any more. I want to try a Meyer and a Vandoren Optimum too.
I once tried a modern Otto Link that sounded good on my vintage bari. I still regret not buying it.
You really do need to try them on your horn before you decide. You need a three way compatibility. You, the reed and the horn. Try different reeds too.
I will, I'm just trying to narrow the field a little first.
Vandoren has recently released the BL5 which is quite like the BL3 but with a bigger tip opening, way more comfortable if you're used to large tip openings such as a .120" (the BL3 is a ridiculous .072, the BL5 a .092).
The sales representative told me that the most versatile is the BL4 (.090) which could be used in jazz (quiet jazz, obviously) whereas the BL3 and 5 are definitely classical mpcs. Very round and warm sound, if that means anything.
The BL5 definitely sounds like it'll be worth investigating. Vandoren always make quality gear, it may not suit the individual, but it's always good quality.
I am not trying to sell Vandoren stuff (I rather dislike their reeds and don't care for their V5 models) but I forgot to say that while they are "Jazz" mouthpieces, the V16s are easily tamed to be used in legit settings as well (the B9 might be too extreme). I used to have a B5 and now have a B7 which is my backup mpc for all kinds of music. They are slimmer and I find it very easy to switch to it, coming from either a Lawton or an HR Berg Larsen.
Old Selmer Soloists are very nice and match the MkVI bari well.

They're also difficult to find unfortunately Rhys. That would be my first choice.
Might be worth asking these guys............Sections
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A Google search had already turned up Roberto's website. I'm a musician, not a banker.
Although, as crazy as their prices seem, a friend in that part of the world tells me that they're open to negotiations.


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