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Hi Everyone,

I've played the clarinet for about 12 years now, and really want to get in Benny Goodman/Artie Shaw music. I have a wonderful CD of Artie Shaw's greatest hits, list is
Begin the beguine
I cover the waterfront
deep purple
Lover come back to me
To a broadway rose
indian love call
any old time

I am DESPERATE to get the sheet music for these songs but can't find it anywhere! I can't believe there are no copies of this - so frustrating! I'm just not nearly good enough to transpose this myself...Does anyone know where I can find them? or some of them?

You might want to find a local big band/swing band and raid their alto pad - many bands play this sort of repertoire. Certainly begin the beguine, stardust, frenesi, indian love call are standards!

Of course they might not be clarinet arrangements per se...

Have a look around here: You can transpose the part by using the transpose link on the returned page.
You will find most of these tunes in the Fake books. Just the tune of course, but there are books of transcribed solos out there. I have a book of Benny Goodman solos and another book of famous tenor sax solos by various artists. These are note for note transcriptions. I am certain that Artie Shaw's work will have been transcribed. The sheet music for his "Concerto for Clarinet" is available in the music stores.

I did not check all but I found several on

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