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Clarinet Repair - Advice needed


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I bought a cheap vito resonite clarinet from ebay to try repadding it. It's in lovely condition, apart from perished foam pads and the biggie... The top of one of the toneholes has broken off. Any ideas what I can use to build it up with? I thought of epoxy, but filled with something, needs to be black. Otherwise I'd use the waterweld that I have. Material also needs to be drillable/cuttable.
A good epoxy resin mixed with graphite powder is what I would use (obviously I'm not an instrument tech though!) - may need to be thicked slightly more, depends if it has anywhere to 'run' or if it is contained...
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Apoxie Sculpt comes in black and Aves will ship to Europe. Works like clay when wet and no shrinkage so you can get it pretty near net shape before it cures, few hours work time, and files, sands, polishes great. Bonds reasonably well to ebonite if you score the surface but not as good as JBweld.
Found some Apoxie sculpt on ebay and amazon.... Will try that, thanks Morgan.
You can also get instant metal from bike shops. It's a very similar thing to waterweld, if anything even harder, although not certified for use in drinking water vessels. It's great to work with, can be filed, drilled and even tapped, and is black. I used it to repair the front engine fins on my old Suzuki air cooled 500. Lasted for years, even in that harsh environment.
Thanks Jon, have already ordered the Apoxie. I thought about instant metal, but the stuff I've seen is grey.

T500? I had a T500R in the mid 70s, great fun, especially stopping... I bought some racing heads and fitted them, made a big difference, but I didn't get the jetting right and endedup holing both pistons. Soon rebuilt and I replaced it with a Trident, T160V.
Hi Kev, no, it was a rather revolting GS500e. Rusty and rattly, but super cheapo basic transport.

What a conicidence you mentioning a Trident. I saw one on the way home this evening, first one I've seen for years.

Good luck with the repair, anyway.


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