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Just seen The Boss and The E-street Band I just wondered what everyones views were on "The Big Man". To me the guy is magnificent and when you see him play on stage unbelievable!!! I know age is against him and all the operations he has had the guy is still cool!!!!! On Tuesday nite he had gold fingernails on!!!!!
Sorry about missing out the e at the end of his name--just noticed it--my sincere apolgies!!!!


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An original cool dude & his sound is amazing..... musically i always reckoned he was a hybrid of Jr Walker and King Curtis, but his basic tone (IMO) is more spectacular than either of them...


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Here in Sweden Clarence "Big Man" Clemons was a relief for lots of saxplayers when he appeared on the musicscene in the early 70's.

Trough the 60's the saxophone has been, with a few exceptions, captured by jazzmen dressed in black turtleneck sweaters that played lots of tones in a fast way in artistic galleries for a few and quiet audience.

With "Big Man" we got the sax back to the Rockmusic. He did his own thing, okay "The Boss" was behind him. He played few tones with a big volume adressed to a huge audience that jumped up and down.

For me Clarence Clemons is one of the biggest influences. Not many that can play sax like him. He is simply the best in doing his thing!!!!!

On your knees for "Big Man"!!


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