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Clanking G


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Maidstone, Kent
I have a Trevor James Classic Tenor which I love, sounds great, and plays all notes quite easily.

That's the good news :).

The not so good news is a rattle/clanking sound when I play a G. I've traced the noise to a pillar which supports the rod connected to the G key, about an inch up from the joint connecting the rod to the bar with the pearl key on the end (please excuse the terminology!). The top of the offending pilar is u shaped and the rod just sits in it. It seems as though the u shaped support is slightly too wide, but not wide enough for a felt pad to have fallen out (I think).

I've had the horn about 6 months and it may have always been there, but now I can play quietly it's getting annoying :D.

Would it be a case of removing the rod, nipping the u together a bit and lubricating or trying to line it with something to prevent metal to metal contact, or will it need a visit to the doctor?.

Thanks in advance,

I'm not a tech, but those U shaped cups seem to be more to stop the rod bending under pressure (like when you pick the sax up) than anything else. Chek the rod is straight. Could also be the post is a touch out of alignment. I'd leave it, or line it with self adhesive ptfe sheet, or bend it straight (very carefully...). IF you're not sure, talk to the tech first.
What happens if you but a piece of black electrical tape on one of the clanking pieces?
Noise coming from that U shaped support is a common problem. I use a felt like material called ultrasude for quietening this. If you "pinch" "U" together will only make it worse.

as a temporary measure you can put some cork grease in there and that will keep it quiet til you can get it to your tech. If you are comfortable with removing keys then take the G key off and do a bit of DIY.

Use contact adhesive to glue things on instruments like cork and felt. I would use a cotton bud to apply a thin layer of glue inside the support post and an old reed for applying the glue to cork and felt etc.

let us know how you get on.

I see youre in Kent, if you can get to croydon Jonathan Myall Music on a Thursday morning I'll do it for you F.O.C.
PM me.
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Thankyou Griff that's a really kind offer, but for now the black insulation tape is just about doing the trick. Though I may do something a bit more permanent with some of that ultrasude stuff when the tape wears out/falls off.

Thanks again.
Hi Jools.
You could try straightening the rod yourself, by rolling it on a flat surface to see where the bend is and carefully correcting it.
If you can get to "Quicks Archery" at Apps Court Farm, Hurst Rd, Walton-On-Thames. They will straighten it for you very accurately (they straighten aluminium arrows to within a couple of thou's), and it won't cost much!

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