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Chutney Recipes....?

Anyone got any good tips on making chutney? Its coming to the time of year to get big trays of tomatoes dirt cheap & last year's tomato and smoked chilli chutney, though completely improvised, was pretty tasty.
So- do any of you folks have any tips on doing this properly? I suspect my previous success was more by good luck than skill....

Nick Wyver

I usually improvise too. Ingredients are usually down to what I can find in the cupboard.

For instance, last week I made some plum chutney cos Mum's tree was particularly fruitful this year.

From memory (poor), in it went (apols for the extremely approximate imperial measures):

nearly 3lb plums - stoned, not really chopped up much
1 pint red wine vinegar
1lb soft dark brown sugar
largish piece of ginger (about 2" of a good fat piece) finely chopped
1 chilli (don't know what sort - it'd been lying around for a while - from last year's crop)
small handful chopped dried prunes (they were there and I thought, "why not?")
raisins (probably about 1/2lb)
large onion (a red one, as it happened) finely chopped
2 tsp salt
2 tsp (or thereabouts) mixed spice

Boil till it looks about right and jar.

I had a lot of toms and chillies last years and experimented to see how many chillies I could get away with. The answer was - quite a lot. I shall probably do the same again this year.

Providing you've got enough vinegar and sugar to preserve it I reckon you can get away with almost anything (reasonable).


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Nuts mate ... ;}

Walnuts are just ripe for a good Chutney recipe ... :thumb:

You'll have to be quick though ...

The squirrels are raiding my English Walnut Tree for their own kind of feast ... :shocked:
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