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Hi Guys
I have started playing tenor in the worship group in my church fairly recently. I am currently working towards grade 6 (to give you an idea of my level). I have been playing melody up 'til now, but I have got a few books with Bb accompaniments for some songs/hymns which is so much better than my just doing the same thing as the piano. Unfortunately they don't have all that many accompaniments for songs we actually play! :verysad . (The books are from the Source)

Do any of you have:
Any suggestions of other similar books OR
Any ideas on how to write my own accompaniments? :eek:

Any help will be gratefully received (and hopefully appreciated by the rest of the church!)

Adrian Stevens at the Girton Baptist Church has a done a lot of descants for the hymns they use. These are available on their website. You may find something there.

As a matter of interest, are the books you are using compatible with Kevin Mayhew's "Hymns Old and New"?


Do you know that the late Boots Randolph has a book of hymns arranged as tenor sax solos? You can look him up on YouTube.
Thank you for your reply! Will check descants out. The books come as 6 separate volumes, covering the songs/hymns in the first edition of the Source. List at the link below.


the source 1 - full music edition
(Book) Product code: 1470104
ISBN: 978 1 84003 120 1
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I play mainly Alto, but also Sop and Tenor at Church most weeks. I have my own copies of Songs of Fellowship (and various individual sheets for those songs/hymns not in these books) and with a pencil I usually transcribe the chords (often for both Bb and Eb) beside the chords on the page and to remind me I will often write out the transposed scale of the key along the top of the page (the page looks a mess!!). As I often swap instruments between pieces it is good to have a quick reminder (I have been known to blast out an intro, or a link in the wrong key :D).

It is also good to learn to transpose on sight in case (as sometimes happens) the worship leader suddenly announces an instrumental verse and then looks across at you :shocked:

I tend to keep to fills using the chords/key as a guide (and linking to the tune) and/or play a harmony.

The other thing to remember in this scenario is that a Sax on every piece can sound great to us, but not necessarily to a congregation. I oft6en find that it pays to keep it simple and not continuous. It is far more effective to play some good fills and links rather than to play continuously.

Hope this helps.

Thanks SLoB

Appreciate the advice.
I have been aware of how overuse of sax can spoil the whole thing for everyone - probably the same for all instruments. I have chatted about it with the worship leader and I think we all have to look at how best to use each instrument and where to take a break.


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