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First a big thank you to all those who have bought stuff from the site, or have donated or subscribed for the extra resources (via your user CP)

We have now raised over £25,000.

Currently this is going to Band on the Wall jazz club education programme, which helps disabled kids with music, but I've also donated some to the PRS benevolent fund. This helps elderly composers who are in need (a bit selfish that one, might be me one day!). I have also set some aside for the SOTW Sax O Thon which will contribute saxophones to needy education programmes or individual students.

Next year I hope to do a similar Cafesaxophone thing.

Also I managed to persuade a famous saxophone company to send a free saxophone to a needy student that I discovered. They asked to remain anonymous...there are some good people out there.

Anyway, to cut to the chase, Christmas is coming, please continue your support, or if you haven't yet bought stuff or donated, now is the time to do it.

There's the shop (link on top right) for CDs, DVDs, mouthpieces, books, and also the limited edition Cafesaxophone merchandise, (Mugs, T shirts, thongs etc.)

I must warn you that the merchandise stuff may not get there for Christmas as it doesn't come from me but Cafepress and Comboutique. Still, it's worth a try.

Anything you order from me (CDs, DVDs and books) should still arrive in time, mouthpieces are custom made so probably not in time for Christmas.


Bilston, United Kingdom.
That's great Pete, well done.

I know first hand just how much music benefits disabled kids having one myself.

quick question, is there a mouthpiece that could be used on a sax by a disabled child just to make a sound, something along the lines of a recorder mouthpiece? The reason i ask is that my disabled child loves to hear my sax but hasn't any idea how to blow it, (mentally disabled) he would however manage a "whistle". Any thoughts?

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