Saxophones Christmas will be loud in the F household


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Just got my Christmas pressie early. 1930s Kohlert low Bb bari. Wahaaaaaay! It rocks. Rolled tone holes, blaring tone, well made and even has reasonable ergonomics. Works a treat with my Runyon Smoothbore 10. So it's got a few scars and knocks, so what, so have I. Blinking flip, it rocks.:thumb:
How cool.... now put it away until Christmas you naughty boy!
Wonder how any of us will sound when we reach our 80's and whether we can still all rock it hard!!!
Niceeeeeeee :)
Ive asked santa for a sop (hope he listened)
Enjoy Jon, am green with envy, even though the Dolnet is nice.
Nice one centurion... I recommend putting Thursday by Morphine on as a rock bari wig out....
Have fun with it - I agree play it now don't wait until Christmas :)
I have one of these. Also a pre WWII with rolled toneholes split bellkeys, botton G# key, frosty silver. Engraved Pennsylvania Special by V. Kohlert und Söhne. I don't use mine. A real "vintage" bari tone. Wellbuilt as well.
Lucky boy Jon. Have you found the button that allows you to play quietly?
Thought not!!

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