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Christmas dinner ideas... see below....

Ok- after a bottle of red last night I agreed, in a fit of culinary bravado, to do the Christmas dinner this year. More than that- I have promised a duck with a slightly oriental twist to the traditional Chrimbo set up (temporarily possessed by the spirit of Hesten Bloomenthal, ahem)…. Now, in more sober mode, I’m contemplating exactly how this is going to manifest itself!
Centre piece is going to be a roast duck (probably with the an orange and soy glaze), Wokked cabbage- possibly with a few bean sprouts, some sort of stuffing Dim Sum, some sort of veg flavoured with honey, spring onions and ginger………. And, some other stuff…..
Anyone else care to contribute to the R&D section of this kitchen adventure?

Andrew Sanders

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Got to make sure the duck is completely dry inside and out before you marinade it. A chinese friend lets it air dry after marinading
for a day. I have used ginger,hoisin,soy, garlic and a spoon full of sesame paste in the marinade.
If you want I'll post the recipe. It's a Charmaine Solomon recipe Chinese barbecued Duck. Stir frying is good to do at Christmas, providing you've got a big enough wok and every thing else has been prepared. What time do you want us?


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Grated carrot & chopped hazlenuts thrown into a pan with an amount of unsalted butter and a quantity of Chinese Five Spice according to quantity of carrots in the pan is a big favourite as an alternative to the traditional vegetable over-boiling etc. in our household every Christmas since we watched Rhodesy do it on tv quite a number of years ago. Works to accompany most Christmas stye meals, and certainly will go well with the Duck.

Sounds like a fab meal so far. Add two more to the table, we are setting off now to ensure being there in good time for dishing up.


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You are all putting me to shame - I put a beef roast in an iron pot with carrots and potatoes - Christmas stew.

The duck sounds lovely.


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Maybe something pretty similar from me. I'm a big fan of duck and eat it often. Delicious, and puts most farmed meats to shame on flavour. I also like wokked cabbage, top favourite in our house. I use 'Wok Oil' to start the stir fry, which is just a mix of veg oil and sesame oil. Gives a good background flavour. Also, not very oriental, but decious as well, fry off a handful of dry cured smoked bacon lardons before adding the cabbage. I like the pointy 'greyhoud' type.

Carrots pre-steamed then flash fried in garlic, ginger and spring onions. Yum.

I always do Christmas cooking - see other thread on 'who's the cook'.


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Don't make my mistake - not long after we moved to Germany, the MIL stayed over Xmas. She's the one Les Dawson used to talk about. I decided in a fit of insanity to cook the duck(s) on the kettle grill. In the snow. 3 hours later I had to give in and follow her suggestions to cook it in the oven....

She'll be here again this Xmas. I'm just wondering how to repeat the exercise.

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You are all putting me to shame - I put a beef roast in an iron pot with carrots and potatoes - Christmas stew.

The duck sounds lovely.

Usually I do turkey with home-made stuffing and orange and cranberry relish, plus roast pork.


For a starter I sometimes do stir fried szechuan chilli stir-fried prawns. I'll pop the recipe up when I get a chance.

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