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choro music


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Being a bit of a closet folkie/world music fan, I got pointed in the direction of this Brazilian style of folk/dance music which was popular around 100-odd years ago and led, arguably, to the development of the samba and bossa nova rhythms that we associate with modern South American music. Theres loads of it on Spotify - just type "choro" in the search facility - and it is very intricate, jolly stuff mostly written for mandolin. Which makes it quite a challenge to play on a thumping great tenor sax, but that's what I have been spending a lot my Easter trying to do. Having got bored with the Jamey Abersold play-alongs, I found that Amazon have several excellent choro play-along books, scored in C, Bb and Eb and with the obligatory accompanying CD.

Probably not for the Sonny Rollins fans amongst the BR massif, but if anyone's interested the book I have is here.......
These are all the work of one Ernesto Nazareth, but the publishers have many others on their list - trouble is they are in California so obtaining the books is a bit more demanding. The books ain't cheap but they are beautifully produced.

Anyway, Ernesto will keep me busy for a few more weeks yet working my way through his 1st opus before I start having to worry about more challenges......


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Had a listen to some of his stuff on youtube. Sounds good, and (heresy coming) as I'm not a Sonny Rollins fan....

One to think of in the future.

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