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Chinese Blow spouts

Greg Strange

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Wow! It comes with a B-flat tone! A bit like a harmonica...wonder if they would supply a A# (?) tone, C# tone, .:)))

and to top it off - it comes ligatured!

wait there's more - superb intonation instructor approved. :thumb:

It gets the Strange A1 Approval...:)

Yeah baby...


Greg S. Taking the p!ss downunder...
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Mine was called sharkbite and it was ok but a bit unpredictable, I sold it on at a small profit after a few months , worth a punt

I took a risk with this one,

Was delivered within 10 days from China and blows fine, bear in mind I am a novice. It came marked as a '7'
but is a little easier to blow than my otto link 6*. Sounds fine to me, the lig works very well and the finish is
holding up as well. It's as loud as a Lawton BB 6* I borrowed for a while, and I'm pleased I took the risk for
what is a small amount of money for a mpc.
As a bonus customs didn't bother with it either.
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