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Hi to all
Anyone else tried a Chiltern Tenor ?(Howarth's own range of saxes )
I tried one and was very impressed considering it was only around £1000 mark.
This was not a student instrument however you look at it.
A Name and "finishes" may influence people more than they think.
Perhaps the player should be blindfolded? Or take the mirrors away!!!
It might be surprising which one they choose based on the sound rather than looks.
Most people sound the same on any sax they play in my experience.
I would be surprised if you tell from a recording the same player on a variety of modern horns which was which.
You might just save yourself some money.
Just a thought!
Very decent saxes from what I've seen....... just expensive compared to the BW instruments, but a good choice at £1,000, for sure...

And they are sourced in Taiwan, land of the Mauriat.......................
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Called Howarths .It is Taiwan but not sure which factory.(Is there more than one I wonder?!)
Heres another thought though....
If Cheryl Cole and Nora Batty had the same cooking skills
Who would you get to serve up a dish?

OK, OK just having some fun ;}

Depends if I want to eat or.....
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