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R & B, Blues, Soul Check this out guy's Tequila!!!

Fraser Jarvis

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Drew Stansall's version of Tequila, even better than the orriginal! Drew's a local pro based in Leicester, plays with a number of bands including the Specials, Prince Buster, and El Pusseycat.

Oh, and b.t.w. he teaches as well, so any Leicestershire based players looking for a teacher.....Drew's your man!

Hey Drew, if you see this you owe me one buddy!
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Drew Stansall ...

He sure is ...

I have recently listened to quite a lot of different versions of Tequila, [including Paul Desmond's cousin Joseph Breitenfeld's version]. Just to see how different players approach it ...

Drew Stansall is certainly one of the best that I came across ...

Cheers for posting the link mate ...
Heres another one, Peter Gunn this time....[video][/video]
Not sure whats happened to Drew's registration, he signed up on Monday morning and still hasn't been able to post!!
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Similar threads... or are they? Maybe not but they could be worth reading anyway 😀

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