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Cheapy Curved Soprano Sax

John E

New Member
Hi All,

I'm going to be away working in Europe for most of August, and thought it would be cool to have a really portable sax to take away with me to fit in a bit of practice if when I can.

I can't spend a lot, but if any one has a Venus/Academy/Packer/Gear 4 music (i.e. Chinese copy) curvy soprano they would like to sell, please contact me. I could buy one new of course, but just in case any one is selling.....

Best Regards,

Link doesn't work for me, but I saw a couple there which should fit the bill. Budget for a check out...
Thanks Amanda - the link doesn't work for me either, but I'll keep in an eye out for a bargain. I actually have a beaten up elkhart straight sop which I was given as a gift - plays quite well, but I'd like a curved one t use as carry on luggage. They really are dinky.

Kev, everything I've bought so far from the "devils junkyard", has had to have a trip to Stephen Howard for a fix up, sometimes quite major.....

Thanks again.

Kev, everything I've bought so far from the "devils junkyard", has had to have a trip to Stephen Howard for a fix up, sometimes quite major.....

I know what you mean. Get his book, might help a bit. I do most things myself now....
Thanks Amanda!

Kev, I have Steve's book - just haven't plucked up the courage to dive in yet - perhaps getting hold of a cheap-y might be a good way to start learning.


The VENUS curved sops are rather canny for the price,intonation is great.For what you want you cant best these.There on Ebay.
I'd certainly encourage you to go for the John Packer Curvie which are currently on offer at £334, which is exceptional value (almost half price of the Bauhaus Walstein post price rise). I'd prefer a known new curvie than a used or unkown brand for £100 less, as all sorts of things can play up and require attention, and it would be covered by a good warranty etc.
Thanks Tom, I agree it is risky buying a real cheapy either new or off e bay, especially if you factor in the cost of a likely service.

£300+ is a bit more that I can spend right now, but Packer do ex demo models so that may be the answer. They certainly seem to get good reviews.


If you go the John Packer route (and I would recommend their curvy as I have one myself!), allow yourself plenty of time between ordering it and your departure as they can take a while going through the workshop/set up process. And its also worth phoning to check their stock before ordering (assuming you don't live on the doorstep) as the website isn't always up to date.


Cheers Amanda, good advice. I'm very tempted, but I need to assess the finances this month, having just bought an expensive tenor mouthpiece (SR Tech Legend).

...and thanks again to everyone else who has chipped in. Much appreciated.



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