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hello all

A friend of mine would like to start trumpet, can anyone recommend a good starter model or name? I'm talking really budget here, so about 80 pounds/euro. I know it's not alot of money but I see it as an introduction to music, for someone who hasn't played anything before. Ideally they should spend more but they simply can't afford it. My awful saxplaying seems to have somehow inspired someone else to learn and I'd like to help them as much as their wallet will allow.

thanks from sunny heidelberg

Hi There!

Tough one. Thomann have trumpets (Startone) for about that price, which should be fine for a beginner. Other than that see what is available used - include Yamaha, Olds, Reynolds in your search and feel free to ask about about anything unfamiliar. It is a very low price - worth checking eBay/used but there are some poor examples out there. Happy to help (as a trumpet player).

Kind regards
Hello, our daughter got to grade 3 on £70 "Cranes" trumpet. We still have it and its good. We bought her a gear for music £129 delux trumpet as an upgrade and while the rose brass looks nice its really no better. She has ended up with an "as new" £90 second hand Yamaha 2320. Which is a million times better than both and as she is doing her grade 6 she needed a good one.

On a side note she has a Kelly plastic mouthpiece which everybody loves, her teacher, the county group leader, and our band leader. Best of all it was only £12 new. She has the equivalent Dennis Wick but its not as nice a sound.

Having tried cheap new and second hand I would say good second hand is best, but difficult to pull off, while cheap new can be a mine field. I would probably get another Cranes if we had to do cheap new all over again cause it really was good for the money.

We saw one in nettos that completely unplayable, truly horrible which ruins my "all good instruments at nettos" theory XD

Hi There!

I assume that your friend is based in Germany. The difference between a new and used trumpet at about the same price is usually quite noticeable, and a good used trumpet will be easier to blow, and more encouraging to blow, as a result. My 9 year old daughter can tell the difference sound/feel wise between a £150 Selmer Prelude trumpet, and a Weril Regium trumpet costing £600, and uses the latter for lessons. I am sure that an internet search should throw up some good used possibilities - if uncertain about an instrument just post/PM about it. Your choice would improve at £150 - 200, but you did mention an upper limit. Also The Kelly mouthpieces are very good for the money. Size is important with trumpet mouthpieces, and the older the player often a larger size is needed - must be a comfortable fit, not too small or too large or it will not be fun to play. It would be useful to do some internet searches to learn a little more about the issue.

Kind regards
My mate has just got a John Packer trumpet, he's a tuba player originally and has mates who know about these things. His trumpet playing mate got one and was amazed it didn't cost £1k more than it did. It is the one they put the new mouthpiece tube onto.
Hi Dave!

JP are developing a very solid reputation for brass generally, and they have several great trumpets in the lower price range. Is it the SW collaboration?
I have a JP/Rath trombone which is exceptional, and less than £360.

Kind regards

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