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Charlie or Maceo?

Charlie or Maceo?

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I find them both quite inconsistent. The best of both I absoluetly love and the worst of both makes me want to switch off or walk out.

Saw Maceo at a gig in Basingstoke and it was pretty inconsistent: great sax sound and funky, rhythmical playing but some of the hip-hop (?) numbers were extremely dull. There was a punch-up in the audience to liven things up ! I have the same reaction to some of Candy Dulfer's playing, with a few tunes droning on and on.

The worst of Charlie Parker I find his tone quite poor and his playing a bit mechanical, but maybe it's down to the drugs. The best of Brird is absolutely inspirational, with a gorgeous tone and endless ideas, superbly executed.

Maybe it would help to have some posts saying what favourite recordings people have of these two and any other Parkers.

Love Maceo in small doses but I feel the same way as Rhys about him live- saw him in Brighton- great sound, very funky but absolutely no dynamics over an hour and a half set... very odd, I don't think the BPM or intensity shifted at all for the duration (any 15 minutes were superb but it couldn't sustain interest without some 'light and shade'...

Similar threads... or are they? Maybe not but they could be worth reading anyway 😀

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