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Beginner Changing octaves suddenly


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I'm currently working on Couf's Introduction, Dance, and Furioso, and there's a part in the Dance movement where you switch from Middle F (Left Hand+ 1 finger+ octave key) to High F(All 3 palm keys and the right hand side key). I'm having trouble on getting the high F to play after switching suddenly. I'm making sure not to tighten up my embouchre and to keep the air stream fast, but I'm still having troubles doing the quick switch. Should I find a different fingering, or just repeat middle to high F over and over again?
You might try practicing starting on the high F and playing the sequence backwards. Make sure the high F has a big full sound and then pop to the F the octave below. Keep repeating this and speed it up so that the change from the lower octave back to the high comes closer and closer together.

A great concept I learned from one of my teachers for dealing with a difficult note change is to mentally be playing the second note while still on the first. Then, when the fingers switch you are already set with the airstream and embouchure for that note.

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