Rock & Pop Cellos Play AC/DC

I spotted this a few weeks ago - I can't play at a fraction of that speed!
Fabulous @Jeanette I can see Angus Young hopping along the stage with a cello now. Love now the lad in purple lost loads of hair from his bow. Great clip. @tenorviol we expect to see you film something similar now. :)
Well... viol bows have about 1/3 of the hair of an equivalent sized violin-family bow, so that woudln't last very long! It woudl also get expensive very quickly. Last time I had a viol bow re-haired it cost £45. I've had my cello bow re-haired this week and it was relatively cheap at £36.

The chap in the photo above should have bought the old hairs and given his head a re-string!
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