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A warning concerning cases- In the dim and distant past I played a vintage conn which lived quite happily in an SKB shaped fibreglass case wedged down the back of the driver’s seat in my Vauxhall. Picked up a Mauriat 66R, in its shaped case- stored it the same way and- lo and behold- the right hand stack keys mess up completely due to the case being slightly compressable across the bottom half (not saying it was a bad case but it wasn’t capable of withstanding something that was fine with the SKB), swapped that case for a shaped ProTec- I can store a Hercules stand in the side pocket, together with assorted other bits and bobs… great!
Just picked up a lovely TJ Raw tenor with a rectangular Protec case- which is built like a tank… however- put a Hercules stand in the side pocket and give it a tap and… messed up the left hands pinky table- doh!!!! Again- it’s a great case but making the assumption that its going to behave the same as the previous one has shot me in the foot again! Let this be a warning – All cases are not born equal!
Yes I agree - Some years ago I used to have a Winter tenor case and was for ever having to get minor adjustments done on the sax to keep it playing sweetly, then realised it was jumping about inside the case too much. When I replaced it with a Hiscox my visits to the technician dropped dramatically!
I suppose my point is that very few cases are 100% perfect and I managed to unerringly home in on the weaknesses of my last few cases (still best I did it early rather than when I'm on a gig!)

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