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Causing Chaos....


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The Malverns, Worcs
Our Sax Choir is preparing to play at the closing session of Bands in the Park in our local town bandstand on 8th September.

This afternoon, we had a 4 hour rehearsal, which went really well.

One of the pieces we play is YMCA... (must make sure we get all those repeats, DS and coda in the right place!)

So, I start this piece on low A - 6 bars of rhythm on low A played forte (ooh, I love how that bari can sound like a fog horn down there).

After the first 6 bars our MD stops us and says we are not sounding right.
I examine my fingers - all of them down to play low C, plus that thumb key to play low A - oh hang on a minute, that's the octave thumb key, not the A thumb key.'s only a tiny error, with such disastrous consequences - upper C instead of low A, only a minor 10th adrift! :))) :))) :)))
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