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CaSLM discipline.

old git

Tremendous Bore
It is my sad duty to report that the Croydon and Sarf Lundun Massive Official Zimmer Retainer has failed totally to maintain any space in his Private Mail and as such cannot receive any further Private Messages. This makes communication extremely difficult. I am hoarse from shouting and sending semaphore from the top of the penthouse. I tried shouting Morse Code but the frequent passing of emergency vehicles meant the unfortunate transmission of several rude words and meaningless sentences.

In CaSLM No 1 code, "kleer aht yur in box aw i'll be rand wiv the baseball bat and first its the Mauriat, then tother contralto, kneecaps, gonads and then the coy koi."

Young Col

Well-Known Member
Coulsdon, London/Surrey
Well I think it's very unfair blaming a poor pensioner like that. I can't even afford a photo for my bus pass. If you don't desist I'll get Mrs YC to throw you in the pond where you'll be devoured by koi. Fortunately I can use exactly the same excuse as have our elected representatives. It wasn't me that was at fault, it was the system. In fact I can carry the analogy even further. The moment I realised you had sent me a PM which couldn't get through, I took steps to make more room in my PM folders. It's like paying the public back when you're found out.

Actually I thought this was going to happen soon as the new BR only allows you to hold 40 PMs in your folders. As it happens most of the PMs I deleted were your literary gems, so now I will never be able to publish the collected works of OG.:welldone

Not surprised I couldn't hear you shouting in Morse or anything else. Conditions on the 80 metre band were awful this morning as well. Must be rain scatter.

I look forward now to receiving your latest cerebral pearl.

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