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Cappuccino & transcribing solos new Vlog


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Hi, the only thing I want to say is that during this hard period I had lots of fun doing this episode.
Starring: Camilla, as dog / Myself as saxplayer and "fool storyteller" / Historic records as solos that I transcribed.
Hope you like. Subscribe to be updated, I will upload all of the transcriptions in the next days, stay tuned!

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWQSMh7GMb0
Loved it all !

Especially the dog and the Johnny Hodges - I recently transcribed the Hodges and Mulligan solos on Shady Side from the same album.

Thany you rhysonsax. "Shady side" is also a really nice tune. The entire record is fantastic, and also "Mulligan meets Ben Webster".

I think I have that on LP but I'm not able to listen to vinyl now. Time for me to buy it and enjoy again.

And there's also live recording of Mulligan, Webster and Jimmy Witherspoon at the Renaissance Club. Gerry Mulligan plays the blues superbly in that company and everyone is on top form.


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