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Jazz Cannonball Run


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With a Cannonball saxophones being discussed recently I went over to their website and was rather taken by the piece they had commissioned:

It's nice to see they are musicians.
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That is a great tune and arrangement. The Cannonball folks are nice people as well as being great musicians. Tevis Laukat (in the center), and to his right Dr. Ray Smith and Daron Bradford are all excellent woodwind doublers---not only sax, flute, and clarinet, but double reeds as well. Daron is the first call for recording studios around the country when an ethnic flute part is required.

To Tevis' left is Randall Clark who is an excellent classical saxophonist as well a great jazz player. He is also an incredible high school band teacher as well. Ryan Lillywhite is generally heard on tenor, but he is equally at home on the other saxes as well. His jazz improvisation is always fun to listen to because he is so clever and creative. He is in charge of all of the replacement parts for Cannonball instruments as well as being the head of the repair and regulation crew that goes through every saxophone before it is shipped to the dealers.

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