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Saxophones Cannonball 1998 model tenor sax.


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Saw one of these on the eBay and was wondering if it was worth about 700 U.S. in good condition with just a few spots on the nickel plating that are scratched up. It claims to be in perfect playing condition, the pads look good from what I see and I don't see any thing that looks bent. The cork looks like it would need replaced, but that's not too difficult. Figured I would ask here before I bid.
Let me preface this opinion with the statement that I am one of Cannonball's greatest supporters both on and off the internet. My background includes working for 7 years in the repair department of the first Cannonball dealer in the U.S. and I know all of the Cannonball staff personally.

That said I would recommend that you pass on the 98 Knight Tenor. The reason is that although those models play very well and sound great, the later Global Series and Stone Series saxes are mechanically superior because of better key fitting and harder brass used in the keys. All manufacturers including Selmer and Yamaha have gone through a "learning curve" while constantly working to improve their instruments. The same is true for Cannonball. Their saxes beginning in 2001 with the Big Bell Global Series and forward hold their own in quality of construction with any of the major brands. It just took them a few years to get there.
Thank you. I have heard good things about the brand, but I did hear to be carful about the year in make for the reasons you stated. They appear to me to like one of the tool companies I sell. Started out good, but took a bit to really get their chops in and has been improving ever since. I am hunting down local or net dealers who sell them.

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