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Beginner Can anyone recommend a good Sax CD?


I am trying to find a good Sax CD that has 'wrote for' Saxophone music on it, and not tunes designed for other instruments, but played with the saxophone, if you get what i mean.

I want a CD that has things like Baker St, You latest trick, Lily was here, Song bird, Pick up the pieces etc, and not Angels, Simply the best, Unchained melody and other tunes wrote for the Guiter and keyboard, but played with a Sax.

Can anyone recommend me one?
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You want music that is written for saxes (solo or a hornsection) in original version? Van Morrison use to do saxfriendly songs. And so do John Fogerty, Both are playing sax. But there are lots of other writers that are thinking of the saxophone as a big part of thier music. Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band, Chicago, Blood Sweat and Tears .... . King Curtis aka Curtis Ousley and Jr Walker aka Autry DeWatt are saxplayers that wrote lots of music. Billy Vaughn also arranged music twith lots of saxes. But you can look further on this website!! Pete Thomas is writng music and I think he is thinking of the sax as well.?

I think most writers do thier music on a keybord/piano or guitar. Even the saxophonists.

Andrew Clark (Rock 'n' Roll Saxophone in Saxophone Journal) did a list with the most important songs with saxes. From late 40's to 90's. John Laughter (author of the books "Rock 'n' Roll Saxophone" and "Contemporary Saxophone") and Steve D. Marschall did "The History of Top Saxophone Solos 1955.2005".


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