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Mouthpieces Can anyone identify this Mp

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Going cheap maybe. But what is it?


I've trawled the net but can't find anything that is close enough.
I saw a prototype Dukoff sold last week on eBay. The seller said it was a Dukoff but was one of the test/prototype models and was unbranded so it went for a low price. Yours looks like it has a Lawton style ligature. It doesn't look like a chinese piece as the plating appears to be quite 'thick' looking. It looks like a hybrid thing cross between a Lawton/Ben Davis Vocal tone maybe?! Sorry that's probably of no help but just my two pence worth :)
If you could post some more pictures preferably from more sides including the baffle etc. we could make a better judgement. I cant make anything of it like this. But I'm allways willing to help!
Never seen one. No engraving? Looks old and interesting. I've seen that style of lig on several old pieces besides Lawtons, all English, I think. is that steel or nickel silver or just nickel plated?
Kind of remeinds me of a Jack Heyworth. I've seen quite a few of these around in musty old saxophone cases and techs' mouthpiece drawers.


I always thought that although they had that Lawton like groove, they just had normal 2 screw ligs.

I think they alos went under other names, Continental and were maybe also made be Lelandais???

I haven't seen that lawton style slider lig apart from on morfe modern mouthpieces, and a Macaferri who I think patented a version of it.

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