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can anyone help?


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hi there

I am trying to trace my mums father. She has very little details about him and i wondered if anyone on this site could help or point me in the right direction. The details she knows about him are as follows

he was a saxophone player and played with geraldo's orchestra. he also played on the cruise liners. she was born in 1955 and i know he played the savoy hotel around 1954 as this is where my grandmother met him. unfortunately i don't have a name as my grandmother, who had my mum adopted will not tell her, anyway the only other details which may be correct are that he is of a jewish background, married a french woman and had two sons.

i hope someone will be able to help as so far my internet serch has drawn a blank.


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Hey Hey Mate ...

Well - I spent about ten minutes looking up information about "The Geraldo Orchestra" loads of information which names many sax players around that time ... Also goes into details of how Gereldo's Navy project may have helped your mum's dad [Geraldo was involved with helping musicians who played and travelled at or by sea] ... [could be links there to follow].

Wikipedia has loads of info also ... which links Geraldo Orchestra with the Savoy Hotel ... There are many photos of bands [with players named below] who played at the Hotel around that time.

I also searched Savoy Hotel Bands around 1954 which brought up many links [10 pages or so]...


It won't help directly I don't suppose - but it is difficult and unproductive to do more because I don't know what you have tried already or what you have learned ...

Do try to use all the Google type searche engines and be imaginative and flexible with your search criteria ...


Good luck mate and if you want to PM me here with any questions or info I don't mind giving you a bit of a hand ... :)

Justin Chune

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Dougie Robinson, Geoff Cole, Bob Efford, Bob Adams, Jock Faulds, saxes; Source Ron Simmonds. These guys played with Geraldo when he took a band to Monte Carlo.



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Hi there,
I've been checking through the web, and come accross this site :-
A professional genealogist in tracing jewish ancestry.
I think it's worth a look!

I wish you the best of luck in your search,
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