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the Netherlands
I liked fishing very much in my young years but these days I am not much of a “ sportsman” despite a little scuba diving in the summer months.

I do watch these shows on Discovery ( plus a few more like: " Alaska the last frontier and Yukon Men “, I was very fond of Jack London as a kid....... and later, it is one of my favorite writers after all).

I have to say that I find Robson Green slightly irritating and disrespectful of the people that he comes across during the making of his program (although he is often showing what looks like some sort of unnatural and coached formal respect for the natives) .

Jeremy Wade is a nice chap but he has ben fishing the same “ Monsters" ( In all truth, not always as monstrous as the title would lead us to believe) over and over again , and, of course the show has become repetitive and perhaps even boring after several years of the same fake dramatized scenes telling us about the monster and the havoc that he caused.

The other fish shows like Deadliest Catch and the one from the competitors at National Geographic: Wicked Tuna are getting repetitive and frankly are most definitely boring.

But late night television is what it is.

Survivalists of all sorts need to take their kit off these days (why?).

The script of all these programs is the same over and over again. More often than not they will include some obnoxious character like John Teti in “ Dual survival”.

The theory is that you have to hate him so much that the dislike for them will entice you.

Perhaps Jack London is still better than that after all!


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^ just talk utter gibberish, that's what I do :)

re fishing, I went once, ( was taken rather ) age about 14, and I just couldn't fathom why anyone would want to do such a mind numbingly boring pointless thing with their day...
,,.mucking about down the back alleys on old motorbikes on the other that was both fun and educational :)


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In my teens I worked in a newsagent.
One of the regular lady customers came in as usual one Sunday morning and one of the other staff said 'Your (teenage) daughter not with you today?'.
She replied ' No, she's only just got home, she was out with her boyfriend who likes to go fishing overnight'.
When the door closed we collapsed.


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Norfolk, UK
:old: Outdoor activities have always played an important part in my life and my angling forays have been many and very diverse. Including Game fishing on private estates, Shark fishing on the south coast, Boat fishing in deep-water channels out in the shipping lanes as well as the tamer beach, lake and river fishing which can still provide a great excursion away from the normal day to day life.

Nowadays, I mostly only fish for food. Usually targeting Cod and Bass, although if caught I will take other fish as long as they are over the legal size limit. If I can easily return fish to the sea I will do so, particularly for non target species.

However when the sea is infested with plagues of Sprats, Herring and undersized Whiting and/or Codling as it is at present around the Norfolk and Suffolk Coastline I turn to the freshwater species in the Fenland Drains and try to catch some of the larger Perch and Zander ...

Coastal fishing will no doubt improve when we get some good strong Northerly winds to rough up the seas and the sea temperature drops to normal winter levels ... [It is still around 13 degrees on our coastline way above normal].

Fishing isn't just about catching fish ...

Being out in the fresh air, wildlife watching, meeting up with mates, getting exercise and many other things are very important factors in my fishing exploits ...

Cheers All :cheers:


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Just north of Munich
Agree on the outdoor life. Camping, hiking, bush trips, gliding.... Never been a fisherman, though. Every time I went with my brother, he caught something and I didn't. Soon gave up.

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