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Cafe Saxophone Statistics

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Other than the Breakfastroom where people chat all the time we have the following activity listed in increasing order.

It's all in the mind = 968 posts
Other Instruments = 1,102 posts
Great Saxophone Players = 1,273 posts
Teaching = 1,469 posts
Your sound clips = 2,091 posts
Yard Sale = 2,435 posts
Saxophone (technical) = 2,739 posts
Beginners Questions = 5,629 posts
Playing = 6,429 posts
The Doorbell = 7,801 posts
Saxophones & Accessories (i.e. GAS attacks) = 12,207 POSTS!

Looks like the GAS attacks win by a landslide. :)))

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Using current political language, I do not accept your statistics or the conclusions. >:)
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