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Hi all, I hope that this will produce a very useful resource for all us musicians. Just click on the link and hopefully you should be able to edit the map. Add any pubs that you have been to that host jam sessions and gigs. Tell us a little about the establishment, were they welcoming, was the music good, what genres and how loud was the evening, and most importantly, when is it.
Here is the link, if you have any problems let me know.

The Breakfast Room Jam and Gig Guide.

Thanks for your help, Taz


Ok Folks, it would appear that with the help and guidance of TonyMorony, I've got this thing sorted. When you follow the link, you'll find the map. Save it to "My Maps", then you should see an edit button (to the left of the map and top right of the writing.) click the "edit" button, add your location and review, and then click "Save" and that's it. Job done.
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I even manage to add a couple of pins.
Maybe some venues no longer active should be removed.

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I even manage to add a couple of pins.
Maybe some venues no longer active should be removed.

I am a new member struggling to work out how to post details of a new woodwind practice group meeting up on Monday evenings in Birmingham

The Stirchley Woodwind Group - Focus on building your Jazz and Blues skills

Join a friendly group of musicians meeting up to play great music together and to help one another to develop their playing and performance skills in a supportive environment

Meeting most Monday evenings from 7.00pm to 9.00pm at: Stirchley Community Church, Hazelwell Street, near the junction with Bournville Lane, Birmingham B30 2JX www.stirchleychurch.org

A selection of music books and assorted scores for Saxophone and Woodwind Ensembles including: Karen Street's music books: Fairer Sax Ensemble Book 2, Sax Ensemble 3 and scores with parts for 4 to 8 woodwind instruments (mostly intermediate).

Dates for your diary: 3rd, 17th, & 24th February, then 3rd, 17th, 24th & 31st March

Dan Watson, freelance conductor has agreed to act as our conductor-tutor Dan has recently completed a postgraduate Masters at Birmingham Conservatoire working with many of the Conservatoire’s own ensembles. He is Artistic Director of Thumb Contemporary Music Ensemble and regularly works with amateur orchestras and ensembles. In addition, Dan teaches woodwind (saxophone specialist) and practices as an instrument repairer. For an extended biography, visit his website:www.danwatson.co.uk

This group is being established and run on a not-for-profit basis to keep participants’ fees low. The fee is £8.00 per evening based on 10 to 12 attending. If we get more or book Dan for every second meeting, we can reduce the fees accordingly.

Book your place today!
Phone Peter Lewis 07840 858786 or email: peter.altosax-at-gmail.com -
or online at:http://www.meetup.com/Stirchley-Woodwind-Group/

It's essential to book so we know who’s joining us and can commit to the venue and conductor


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I've just added Matt & Phreds to the map, does anybody else have any Jam & Gig places they can add :)



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Wow, I'm kind of amazed that this is still going strong, but I now feel rather guilty that Peter Lewis asked for help over two years ago and I missed it :blush:

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Sorry, missed this. I know, must pay more attention....
Lesley, in NE Surrey there's Dorking Watermill Jazz Club every Tuesday evening. Programme here Watermill Jazz Club - Home . There also used to be an open jam session once a month on a Sunday afternoon, but I don't think that happens since they moved venue a couple of months ago.


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It looks like Peter Lewis's Stirchley Woodwind group above no longer exists, but through the meetup.com site I have found a group of jammers in Birmingham.

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