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Accessories C-Melody Saxophone Cases

Hi folks,
I'd like to know if anyone has any ideas where I can buy 2 vintage C-Melody Saxophone cases. I've been lookin all over ebay without much success and also to several music shops & saxophone repairers. They don't seem very easy to get, without a vintage C-Melody inside.
I have a Holton & a Hawkes and Son, but I'm not really fussed if the cases are original Holton or Hawkes, they just have to "look the part" so to speak. Cheers :cool:


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Very hard to find. I ended up buying a new C Mel case for mine from Aquilasax in New Zealand. I think that if you're determined to get an original one, you set up an alert on eBay US, on the off chance that you might find one. I think you're realistically only going to find a C Mel case with a C Mel in it.

Incidentally the site Kev provided the link for is an enthusiast's site run by a guy called Alan Tucker. He's a really nice guy and knows more about C Mels than anyone else I've ever encountered. You can probably send him a message via his web site. If you can't find a way to do that, send me a PM and I'll email him and ask him on your behalf whether he knows of any C Mel cases anywhere.
Thanks jonf & kevgermany, funny enough I was actually on that site yesterday just before I posted the thread, but I couldn't actually find an email address, just a link to go through one of the email providers that I don't have installed on this pc(or maybe I just didn't look in the right place). So if you could get an email address for Alan, I would be grateful.:cool: (OK I just been back on that site & found a place to send a message.See I told you I wasn't looking in the right place :doh: )
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