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FOUND C Melody sax

Paul Warner

Teignmouth, Devon
If I did decide to go for a C Melody sax' for my folkish activities, might there be such a thing available?
Paul please confirm 5% donation to café if you successfully find one here :)

You might need to be a bit patient. They do come up, more often the vintage ones than the moderns. Of the vintage type, I'd suggest a Conn, and get it padded with metal reflector pads, and while you're on, add some snap to the action with decent blued steel springs. That'll help it sound like a slightly higher pitched tenor rather than an ill bovine. You might find one with this done, in which case budget about £500, or less than half that in original cow mode. If you're really lucky you may see a modern one come up second hand (one did here a few months ago) or you can get them from sax.co.uk for £700. An alternative is a bit cheaper from Thomann in Germany. You could also try Alan who has a web page about C melody saxes. See http://www.cmelodysax.co.uk/saxophones/why-c-melody.htm He's a really nice guy, very helpful, and often has saxes for sale. There's a link to his email address on the page, or if you can't get it to open, PM me and I'll send it to you.
Big thanks Jonf….very helpful and I will heed your advice. Hope things are good on the outer edge.
I have a pretty much mint condition silver plate Conn Pan American in good playable order, inc original case ( again in great condition ) which may be of interest !
Sadly and, perhaps inevitably, Vlad, your offer came through about 30 minutes after I ordered an instrument fro Thomman.
O well if you don't like the modern one you can always send it back and try again !

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