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C Melody Mouthpiece


Well-Known Member
Dunmow, Essex.
Hawkes & Son C melody mouthpiece. Hawkes & Son became Boosey & Hawkes in 1930 so this must have been made prior to that. I can't see a model name or serial number but it's a wooden piece with a silver band around the shank. I've put a tenor reed on it and blown it through my alto which sounded nice with a very rounded mellow tone but I don't have a C melody to play it through.

It's in great condition with just a little superficial damage to the bite plate surface. Will email pics if interested.

I've got no idea what it's worth so just make me an offer if you're interested (20% to Pete's charity).

Just read the rules sorry, £30 plus postage.
Hi Glen

I would be interested in pictures
I have a hawkes and son c melody. It is unplayable at the moment so don't want to spend too much on buying accessories but I would like to see pictures of it.

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