Buzzing sound (could it be mouthpiece?)


No matter what reed I play (tried 5-6 different types) there is a consistent buzzing sound coming from the sax. Another person tried t and had the same problem. So, I set about stripping the instrument down to a bare shell (I repair clarinets and flutes for a living) and the buzzing is STILL there with no keys or key guards on the instrument.

Sax is a Yamaha 23, it has the standard neck and mouthpiece (Yamaha 4C).

The only way I could get it not to buzz was by trying to play with my clarinet mouthpiece ... not advised :w00t: I don't have a spare sax mouthpiece :(

So, could this be caused by a mouthpiece??
An interesting puzzle. Since you have removed all the keys, I would look for a loose ligature screw, neck tightening screw or lyre holder screw (if it has one). Another possibility would be that the neck cork on the end of the neck has come unglued and is vibrating a bit inside the mouthpiece. If you kept the neck octave key on the neck, that could be the source of a buzz too.

Some other possibilities that are more of a long shot might be a loose body to bell connection, a loose body to bell brace, or a loose neck tenon receiver. If every playing test to check for the buzz was done in the same room, it could possibly be something in the environment buzzing and not the sax itself.

Let us know what it is if you find it.
Have tried three different ligs (one Rovner, 2 metal)
Neck mechanism (octave key) has both been tightened and come off to test.
Neck cork has been renewed.
Nothing is loose!

All the play tests have been done in the same room, so will certainly try another room. :)

Thank you
Do you still get the buzzing if you remove the neck from the body and play it on its own?
Have you tried using a different mouthpiece?
I for one am anxious to find out what the buzzing (or uzzing) sound was caused by.
My speculation is that the mouthpiece may have a hairline split or has a slight fault. If the clarinet mouthpiece is OK sounding on the sax and several reeds have been tried it does imply that the mouthpiece has a slight fault. I'd suggest investing £13 or so in a Rico Graftonite mouthpiece by way of comparison (a B3 or similar size). Best price is at Rapid Reeds - . At least it would eliminate this as a cause if the buzzing goes away!
I think Tom's hit the nail on the head with his suggestion, i really cant see what else it could be, but Alas, due to all the mickey taking i think she's given up and who could blame her?
My speculation is that the mouthpiece may have a hairline split or has a slight fault. If the clarinet mouthpiece is OK sounding on the sax...

Might be a bit difficult, clarinet mouthpieces have a male fitting.
Nicola, I have a couple of alto mouthpieces sat here doing nothing. I'f you'd like to borrow one or both you can do so, for the purposes of elimination. One's an unbranded piece, although reasonably well made one, the other is a Graftonite. Just send me a PM if you want a loan of one. Neither buzzes when I play!

Thank you all :) I haven't really been on here over christmas! I got the sax back together and cleaned it so it at least looks pretty! :)

JonF - I will pm you :)

Still buzzing but haven't really played much as I now have a sore throat ... typical, 'eh? :(

I managed to get the clarinet mouthpiece *just* onto the end of the neck and just stable enough to play a few notes. It was not in anyway ideal!
interesting timing
Ive recently been getting the same problem with my sax reeds/MP
I couldnt figure out what it was
But when I went for my lesson which was in a room with good acoustics.......................Nothing????
I discussed this with said teacher and he said it could be the acoustics of the room where I practice in at home.
So Arriving home this theory was put to the test, and sure enough when I went to a better room with polished
floorboards (no carpet) and better acoustics the buzzing was gone.
Also my Tone was much improved.
This may or may not be your problem but worth considering.

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