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Clarinets buyer beware!!


I promised to upload some images of a clarinet bought many years ago as a possible renovation, probably costing only a few pounds. However after a good 10 years I picked it up to try and harvest a spring for another project. Then I noticed what a mess it is...........I have never seen anything like this in terms of attempted repairs/fixes. I was talking to Steve H about it and it was felt photos may be amusing so here they are (limited to 2). Please note, apart from bent keywork, mangled tone holes, numerous point screws anywhere a thread remained and finally a plethora of soldering in place of rod screws etc, it was fine :oops: !! The photos show a lot of this and may benefit from zooming in. Everywhere the solder "screw" was utilised the keys were loose and useless. Having tried it once they then went over the whole clarinet dobbing solder where screws should be. I just cannot imagine that they really thought they were going to end up with a working stick of liqourice!! Anyway, there may be an odd part that can be used, and maybe rendering some wood in to sawdust will be useful for cracks going forward............otherwise if anyone has seen anything similar please post pics or reveal all........there is a repair monster out there with a hot soldering iron!



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Nothing similar, but I do have what I assume is the result of an experiment in alternative padding (can't now remember why I got it; must have had a good m/p). All the toneholes (even for the ring keys) of the upper joint have been replaced with metal inserts and the surrounding area "squared off". The surrounds of the lower joint holes have similarly been squared. All the pads were thick leather discs impregnated with oil. I know ... but someone must have thought it was worth a try.
I keep thinking I should bung it on ebay as a set of clarinet keys and fixings with a knackered body free, but not so far gotten around to it.

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