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Beginner Sax Bundy II vs YAS 23 vs Vito


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I am looking to buy a better Alto Sax. I now have an Alto Alpine DeHan. I have $300 to spend. I have been looking at the Yahama JAS 23 on eBay and they nearly always sell for about $400. I also see the Bundy II and the Vito (Yahama) at half that price. How would you rate these horns? Is there something better I should be looking at in the $300 dollar range???

Thanks for any info.

The Yamaha made Vitos are plain and simple stencils. So a real find if you can get one for half the price of the yamaha branded instruments. Other Vitos, e.g. those by Beaugnier/LeBlanc can be good as well.

Not sure about the Bundy's. Some were made by Keilwerth, so should be OK, but they seem to get mixed reports.

Watch for condition, you don't want to be buying something like this and finding you need to pay for a full repad.
You'd have to ask locally. Here 3-500 euros, depending on work needed. A while ago Griff posted his prices, but that's in England. Having just done my first repad and seeing from firsthand just how long it an take, prices in the hundreds are well justified.

But a lot of older saxes can be made into reasonable players with a little tweaking by a good technician for not too much money. Key is to get a decent estimate before buying.

This thread mzy help a little

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