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Saxophones Buffet Super Dynaction


West Midlands

Well I've gone and done it, I've just acquired a "Buffet Super Dynaction", I was going to wait until I became a little bit more competent. However this one came along and to be honest it was toooo gooood to miss. It belonged to a very accomplished Sax player who has sadly passed and will be sorely missed.
As I already play (or attempt to play) a Buffet it seemed a no-brainer, must admit that having a toot with it today it has a very mellow sound/tone compared to my other one. So yes I think it was a good choice to be honest and it will certainly last me many years to come. Form what I can find out from the SN it is a 1962 vintage, oh which is a year older than me lol, so I think we are going to make a good match. :D:D