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Buescher Truetone Soprano


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I cannot justify having my Buescher Soprano hanging around so it is for sale - I have to concentrate on my alto and maybe tenor playing. It is a silver plated model, serial number 197018. Excellent condition. My teacher Pete Canter has heard me play it (perhaps he will contribute to this thread...?) and noted that it has a good sound and plays in tune top to bottom with no effort - in fact I was surprised when I bought it that I could play it top to bottom without that strangled duck sound!

It comes in a fully functioning case with handle and clasps in good condition.

One possibly unique feature is the left hand palm key risers - they (according to Griff who gave it a check over) appear to be hand made and exactly shaped to fit, so the horn has a beautiful customised look.

They keywork is very quick and quiet - all in all I am not aware of any bad points.

A lovely horn and I would expect around the £800 mark. I think Pete Thomas had one or two of these and sold them a while ago for £750-800? I donate 5%. for review - note this review was in 2004 and things have gone up a bit since then, and I judge this horn to be a top notch specimen. I would certainly consider some kind of money back if not satisfied arrangement. I live in Exeter and please contact me if you want a play before making up your mind. I am on holiday 22nd July - 29th July but leave a post and I will get back to you.


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Pete C

As I said previously in another thread, this horn sounds good and plays in tune so is well worth a blow if anyone is interested. Pete
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