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Buescher True-Tone Metal Clarinet


Senior Member
Hi all,

I have a Buescher true-tone metal clarinet which I purchased very impulsively on ebay a while ago, thinking for a brief period that I might actually use it. When I received it the pads were virtually non existent and there was a fairly significant curve in the body tube. I had it restored by my tech, new pads corks felts etc and he straightened out the body, it's still not 100% straight but close enough. It actually plays very well indeed, it is a larger bore clarinet and would benefit from the right mouthpiece choice but the sound is rich and complex, it's a surprisingly great instrument. The tech who restored it was amazed by the results when it was first played after he had worked on it.

The body is silver (silver plate I assume) and the plating is in immaculate condition, the engraving is clear and sharp, it is quite detailed. The words "The Buescher" are engraved on the bell and "True Tone" on the back of the body next to the serial number. From researching metal clarinets on the internet it seems these are well regarded instruments and are considered professional horns.

It is very rare to find examples of these that have been restored to playing condition, I took a big risk buying mine and was very relieved to find it was able to be made to work. It's a great collectors item to have around but I have come to the conclusion that I'm unlikely to ever actually use it on any gigs, the most action it's likely to see is showing off to my clarinet pupils and colleagues, but I'm not a collector and it just doesn't seem worth it when I could put the money towards something more useful.

So, I'm putting this up here on the off chance that someone might be interested. I am not in a hurry to sell but if anyone wants to take it off my hands then I am all ears. You are very welcome also to come around and play it, see it, touch it, smell it... Also it comes in the original case which is actually rather lovely although somewhat worn on the outside.

So if you're interested, get in touch. I would like to get £500 for it. I will of course make the customary donation.

If anyone is interested in seeing pictures then I can email them, or try and put them up here. Let me know.

In case anyone is wondering where I got the £500 figure from, that is basically what I spent on it, the cost of the clarinet plus the cost of having it overhauled. The overhaul was done for me at a reduced rate, I originally took it to Howarths and was quoted £400-£500 for the overhaul alone.

I believe it's a fair price, there are clarinets out there for considerably less but you will not find one in playing condition with a recent overhaul for this price. It has been played for maximum a couple of hours since the overhaul.

Having said that, I will consider any reasonable offers.

Good luck with the sale - it sounds like a lovely instrument. I have found recently from quite a few people that Howarth's are on the very expensive side. I know that they have overhauled high pitch instruments for people (and I'm not really sure if those people knew those instruments were high pitch and not much use etc) and have been charged around £395 for the privelage. Maybe the owners of those instruments did know and were very happy with the work but it does make me wonder...
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