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buescher aristocrat model NO : 650884 Tenor sax


peterborough uk
Hi all i have got to raise £190.00 for my grandson to go to ice hockey school in shefield. So i am selling
a buescher aristocrat model NO : 650884 Tenor sax i think its about 1960 its a beast lol but i had it checked out and it plays well few scratches but no dents comes with i think the origonal case bit tatty i would like £195.00 for it please collection would be better as i have no idea what it would cost to send i am in peterborough uk. and of course 5% to pete many thanks tom.
A Buescher Aristocrat with that serial number will be about a 1975 model. My first sax was one of these, got it about 30 years ago. Still have it, and wouldn't part with it now.

Good luck with the sale. A very reasonable price.

hi, i'm looking for a tenor sax so may be interested. can you email me: peter.werner@btinternet.com
how is the lacquer and pads? can you send a sound recording of the sax? can i please have some pictures?
Peter hi i cant do a recording as i play alto and i have been told tenor would damage my emochure so i have only had one or two little blows on it but i have had my teacher look it over and for me and he says it plays well all pads ect are fine no leaks. I will take some pics for you and send them over regards Tom.
Hi just wondering if you got the pica of the tenor sax i sent you and if you were still interested thank you Tom.

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